Sell Your Home  

Years ago there were ONLY 2 CHOICES:

By Owner or By Agent

By Owner: Low cost but HIGH RISK
By Agent: Low risk but HIGH COST

NOW, there’s a REALTOR® that offers The BEST of both!


Since the bulk of your savings is in your home’s equity, it’s just common sense to protect it.  It takes a real estate expert to manage the many complex issues that must be overseen:  Contracts, Disclosure Forms, Financing, All Inspections, Appraisal, Buyer and Seller Costs, Escrow, Fair Housing and other Addenda.  It’s easy to make an honest mistake, which could lead to a costly dispute.

It’s a fact that homes eventually sell for their fair market value.  Spending more on high commissions, expensive advertising or legal fees will not get you more, just cost you more.  It’s just common sense that the more you pay to sell your home, the less you get to keep.

Frequently Asked Questions
Just how much can I save?

Savings will vary depending on the price of your home.  For example, assuming a 7% commission on a $140,000 home, other companies may charge $9,800 or more!  Our fee is only 1% of the sale price plus $1,000 at settlement.  No upfront fees.

Example:  1% = $1,400 plus $1,000 for a total fee of only $2,400.

That’s over 300% savings IN YOUR POCKET.

What is the multi-list option?

While having the option of selling your home for only $1,000 + 1%, you may choose to place your home in the local Multi-List Service for a predetermined commission which goes to the buyer’s agent only.  If you’re in the Multi-List and agents are showing your home it is still possible to sell through the For Sale By Owner Plus program paying only $1,000 + 1%.  You have to ask yourself, what real estate agency will place my home in the Local Multi-List service, which is basically giving me a full service listing, and still give me the opportunity to sell my home for only $1,000 + 1%.  This option gives you the best of both worlds.

How can you charge less and give more?

We have a unique program.  While other real estate companies generally split their fees with 4 hands in your wallet, we eliminate 3.  You keep the savings!

How long is the listing contract term?

Our program doesn’t require you to be tied up in a long-term listing contract.  With our proven program we are contracted to work for you.  If you’re not 100% satisfied you may be released from the contract.

What if I can’t show my home?

We also have a full service plan to save you thousands.  We can place your home in the area’s Multi-List and your home can be shown by all the member agents.

What if I must sell quickly?

Our extensive advertising program means buyers will find your home.  With our low fee you won’t need to overprice and lose a sale.  Homes eventually sell for their fair market value.  If you don’t overprice your home, it should sell quickly.

Do I have to be a salesperson?

No.  We’ll teach you the best way to just show your home.  No agent could possibly know as much about your home & neighborhood as you do.  Remember, you are the expert on your home.  We are the experts at doing the rest.

What happens after I show my home?

We contact the prospective buyers to see if they have any further interest or questions.  If they are not interested, we try to find out why.  If they are interested, we arrange a meeting to go over the financing options and all paper work.

Will I need a lawyer?

Most sellers don’t need an attorney.  However, if you intend to offer seller financing or have an unusual legal situation, using an attorney is recommended.

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About US
Mission Statement
We are a licensed professional real estate company established in 1985 that offers a low fee for services, empowering consumers and clients with access to information and choices.

Teamwork:  We win together.  We work as a team with mutual respect, trust and open communication.

Innovation:  We support taking calculated risks to accomplish our vision.  We champion creative solutions to serve our customers needs and improve business processes by embracing change and acting with a sense of urgency.

Execution:  We set clear goals and pursue them relentlessly.  We consistently deliver on every aspect of what we do while exploring newer, faster and more efficient solutions that address competitive challenges.

Integrity:  We hold ourselves and others to the highest professional standards.  Accountability is the cornerstone to our shared success.

What's the Plus?

The ability to save thousands while selling your home using our licensed experts, who are members of the National, State and Local Association of REALTORS®.

Knowing that your home will receive the maximum professional advertising, thus giving your home exposure to all potential buyers.

Knowing that the maze of forms and contracts will be handled for you by experienced Real Estate Professionals.

Knowing that you won’t be taken advantage of by buyers with questionable contracts that will never get to settlement.

Knowing that you will be informed of applicable regulations & laws required of home sellers to assure you of no costly surprises.

Services We Offer

-Transaction Licensee Service
-Buyer Representation
-Seller Representation
-Member of Local Multi-List(s)
-Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Land

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